Personal Trainer Membership

If you're tired of the profit sharing, mistreatment, and chaos that comes with commercial gyms, we want to welcome you into our personal training facilities with open arms. As a personal trainer, if you're allowed more flexibility with your hours, take home 100% of what clients pay you, and have a more private environment to train in, both your business and quality of work will take off, and that's exactly what we want to offer you at DETAIL Miami.

Our weight room and turf facilities include:

How it works:

  1. You register for DETAIL Miami's Personal Training membership (either unlimited or 10 hours per week).
  2. You reserve your session 24 hours beforehand on our website! Available hours are between 3am and 5pm on weekdays, and 7am and 8pm on weekends.
  3. Show up to the gym with your client (or by yourself for content-filming purposes) and use the facilities!

Other details:

Need even more hours?

Register for our unlimited membership below, which includes unlimited hours in the space in designated, available hours.